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Sump Pump Repairs and Replacements

Sump Pump Repair and Installation Specialist

When water begins to flood your basement during a big storm, it can be a scary time- one that requires fast action. You begin to think of all your belongings you have stored down below that are at risk of being ruined. What’s even more worrisome is when you wonder how will you ever be able to clean up all of this mess and what could you have done to potentially have avoided a flood. At Blue Owl Plumbing, we can professionally install a sump pump in your home to help you proactively stop basement flooding. Even in the biggest storm, you can rest assured knowing that your basement won’t flood.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a liquid pump system that is used to prevent flooding in your home. It will be installed at the lowest area of your home, allowing it to catch the most liquid possible. A sump pump is cost-efficient as it is less expensive than flood and water damage restorations. Massachusetts weather can be some of the most unpredictable weather in the country. The storms could be devastating, so in order to prevent this in the future, a sump pump is needed. Benefits of installing a sump pump in your home include less mold growth, a decrease in the likelihood of insects, and an overall more comfortable basement.


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Sump Pump Doesn't Turn On? Check Your Breaker First

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Called today for an emergency job involving a washer and massive pipe leak. Blue Owl fit us in and came promptly. The service was very professional and courteous. Thank you! Very happy!

How to Maintain Your Sump Pump

Blue Owl Plumbing works with our customers to provide them with any and all of their sump pump needs. Whether you are looking to install for the first time, repair your sump pump, or replace it all together, our professionals have you covered. In order to better serve you, we have listed some ways to maintain your sump pump once repair, replacement, or installation is completed. These strategies include:

  • Cleaning the pump 3 to 4 times a year

  • Ensuring that the power cord is connected to power (depending on the situation, it may also be a good idea to have a battery backup)

  • Checking to see if the pump is working properly by pouring a bucket of water inside of it

  • Always checking the manual to make sure there isn’t something to do that is specific to the type of sump pump you have

Hire Blue Owl and Get the Right Sump Pump You Need

Gone are the days when you will face anxiety having to walk down the stairs with a potential chance of a flood. No matter what your sump pump needs are, Blue Owl Plumbing’s professional plumbers are ready to help. You never know the next time you’re going to need your sump pump, so don’t wait until it's too late to install, replace, or repair. Contact us today to schedule your sump pump service. Make the wise choice and have Blue Owl Plumbing service your sump pump today!

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