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Electric Water Heater Installation Services

Energy Efficient Electric Water Heater Systems

Electric hot water heaters are the most important appliances in any home. When they aren't working properly, the home won't have any hot water and it's possible that damage may occur to the structure. Many people think that hot water heater replacement or installation is a do-it-yourself job, but it’s something that's best left to the professionals; mainly for warranty and safety reasons. The knowledge of an experienced and fully licensed and insured plumbing company to install an electric water heater is peace of mind to any homeowner that the job is done safely and correctly.

The team at Blue Owl Plumbing is ready to install, repair, or replace the electric water in your home. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done the right way for you so you can rest assured that you'll have hot water when you need it. We go the extra step to ensure your electric water heater is operating at peak performance by assessing the system for any issues that could prevent longevity to your electric water heater. Some of the things we do are test the water quality, descale and remove buildup, and repair or replace components as needed.

New Electric Hot Water Heater Installation

If you're making updates to your home and need to have a new hot water heater installed to accommodate a new addition to the structure, the team at Blue Owl Plumbing is here to help. We do more than just show up to install the electric water heater. We'll help you choose the best one for your needs.

Our electric water heater installers understand that you don't want a lot of disruption to your home or business during the installation. We treat each job like we're working on our own property.


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Common Problems with Electric Water Heaters

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Great service from Tony and Joshua. They were able to get to the bottom of a problem with my boiler that another plumbing company had given up on, and got it replaced and working in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Blue Owl!

Problems You May Have With Your Electric Hot Water Heater

You may notice several problems when a hot water heater is operating. These include:

  • Water that's not as hot as usual

  • Water is taking longer to heat

  • Fishy smell when you run hot water

  • Complete and/or partial lack of hot water

  • Running out of water prematurely/insufficient quantity

  • Leaking from the hot water heater

Once you notice a problem, our professionals can come out and determine the best way to correct the problem. We realize that you want the most cost-effective solution possible, but you also need to ensure that you have hot water flowing from the taps.

Electric water heater repairs usually include having to replace an element. This could be the reason why your water isn't as hot as usual or why it's taking longer for the water to get hot. Typically, this is one of the easier repairs that we handle.

A complete lack of hot water or a leaking water heater are signs that you may need a water heater replacement. This is also true if the hot water smells fishy when you run it. Our team will only recommend hot water heater replacement when it's absolutely necessary to protect your home and provide you with hot water.

Benefits of Working with Blue Owl Plumbing

It's imperative that you work with a professional who can do the plumbing work in your home the right way from the start. The team at Blue Owl Plumbing is here to ensure that the hot water heater in your home is installed correctly. We also handle the repair and replacement of hot water heaters.

Give us a call at 978-450-5966 to schedule an appointment for us to help you with your electric hot water heater in Marlborough, MA and the surrounding areas.

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