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Gas Water Heater Installation Services

Professionals at Installing Gas Water Heaters

Learn about common issues and solutions and how Blue Owl Plumbing can help with gas water heater installation in Marlborough, MA.

Having constant access to hot water is a part of daily life that many of us take for granted. From your morning shower to dinner, dishes, and more, a working gas water heater is a must. Whether you're dealing with a leaky tank, a damaged burner, or something else it's important to enlist professional help.

A professional plumber can assess the damage and let you know if repair or replacement is needed. Now, you may be tempted to try a DIY solution but remember, even seemingly easy plumbing jobs can quickly become too advanced to handle. These tanks are filled with water capable of burning your skin and are fueled with flammable gas. In the long run, working with a licensed plumber is not only safer, but also will save you time and money.

Common Problems You May Have With Gas Water Heaters

There are several common issues you might encounter with your gas water heater. Luckily, they are relatively easy to spot. A complete lack of hot water is the most common and obvious sign there's something wrong. But here are a few other signs to look out for.

  • Dirty/rusty water: Rusty water coming out of your gas water heater is a good indicator that your tank is corroding. Dirty or discolored water without a rusty hue is usually a sign that your tank has a sediment build-up.

  • Unpleasant smell: If your hot water has a foul smell, you could be dealing with bacteria-contaminated water. It's best to call a professional plumber at the first signs of smelly water.

  • Leaky tank or valves: Sometimes all a leaky valve needs are to be tightened. However, if you notice leaks coming from the bottom of your tank, odds are there's some serious internal rusting. If you're unsure about the source of your leak, a professional plumber can help assess and resolve the situation.


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Fix or to Replace Gas Water Heater

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I had stopped using the shower in our master bathroom due to the lack of water pressure. Attempting to fix this problem, I had contracted with several local plumbers. Unfortunately, no one was able to resolve my dilemma. I then contacted BlueOwl Home Pros. After relaying to them the current situation, they quickly began their own diagnosis. I was impressed by their immediate grasp of the problem and how to fix it.

Should you repair or replace your gas water heater?

Many common issues with gas water heaters can be resolved with a small fix. Before you go purchasing a brand-new tank, here are some signs your gas water heater needs repair:

  • Flames are yellow instead of blue

  • Utility bills are higher than normal

  • Tank is making odd noises

With proper maintenance and care, your gas water heater could last up to 15 years. Eventually, the cost of constant repairs will outweigh the cost of replacing the unit. Here are some indicators that it's time for a new gas water heater installation.

  • Tank is 10-15 years old

  • Your gas heater is leaking

  • Your heater is very slow to heat up

Make the choice to hire a professional in Marlborough, MA

When you need a gas water heater installation in Marlborough MA, call on the professionals at Blue Owl Plumbing to get the job done right the first time. Our family-owned company has over 30 years of plumbing industry experience. Unlike the big box brands, Blue Owl Plumbing cares about our clients, and we are committed to being as helpful and transparent as possible.

Blue Owl Plumbing offers competitive warranties, upgrading rebates, financing, and more to make your plumbing problems disappear with ease. Contact us today for more information.

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