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Clogged Toilet Drain Pros

Fast and Easy Clogged Toilet Plumber Services

Have you ever had a clogged toilet? Did you know that a clogged toilet can sometimes mean there are underlying problems with your plumbing? If you currently have a clogged toilet, or have had one before, then you might now be realizing that sometimes it takes more than a plunger to truly fix the issue. At Blue Owl Plumbing, our plumbers are trained to be able to tell the difference between a minor clogged toilet and a potential major plumbing problem. Our main goal is to save you the stress of having to deal with an issue later on, which is why we are dedicated to providing high quality services.

Signs of a Clogged Toilet

On most occasions, the signs of a clogged toilet can be pretty straightforward. Other times, it might be hard to spot. This can be exceptionally tough if the issue is not necessarily the toilet, but the pipes or drains in your home. A clogged toilet could mean there's a blocked pipe, hard water build up, not enough water in your tank, a clogged s-trap, and more. It’s important to catch the signs early on so you don’t have to suffer the consequences at a later date. Below are a list of just a few tell-tale signs that your toilet is clogged, or it’s about to be.

Slow draining toilet. A harder to catch but very important sign your toilet and/or drains are blocked is slowly draining water after the toilet is flushed.

Overflow. If after flushing, the entire bowl fills up or overflows, then there is a blockage.

Gurgling. Another sign to pay attention to is gurgling. If you hear this type of sound from other fixtures in your home or bathroom, like the sinks or showers, then that means you are in the beginning stages of a serious issue.

Smell. A more obvious sign of clogging is a bad odor. If your drains are blocked then you will smell a foul odor coming from your toilet, sink, or bathtub area.


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Plunger Not Working? Highly suggest calling a plumber; may be a bigger problem.

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Couldn’t be happier with these guys. My drain was completely clogged up. I don’t think it had been cleaned. Ever. They were older pipes and the guy that came was careful. We ran into many issues and the guy had to work tirelessly. Even when the water was running threw he could tell something still wasn’t right. Most plumbers would have left by now but he stayed. After going into the basement we looked down the pipe and only half of the pipe was cleaned out. Debris had hardened on one side of the pipe. He worked more until that was even cleared up.

Importance of Professional Toilet Unclogging - Is it a thing?

When it comes to a clogged toilet, most people believe in taking matters into their own hands. In some cases this is acceptable, but in others, simply plunging the toilet will not do the trick. To a homeowner, a clog is just a clog. To a trained professional, a clogged toilet could be a sign of something much worse. The professionals at Blue Owl Plumbing have the extensive knowledge needed to properly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs before matters get worse, thus saving you money in the long run. Essentially, when it comes to the pipes and plumbing in your home, it’s best not to assume there are no underlying issues. Don’t risk the catastrophe that could be coming in your future, and call your local plumbing professionals today.

Flushing Away Your Toilet Clog

With over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we’ve seen enough clogged toilets to know exactly what to look for to make sure our customers don’t have to worry about anything down the road. At Blue Owl Plumbing, our focus is on our customers and their homes, as we always work thoroughly and quickly to discover what could be going on behind the scenes. If you have a clogged toilet or suspect a clogged drain, don’t try to fix the problems yourself- call your local professionals! For help with a clogged toilet or for more information about this service, contact us today!

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