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Gas Line Piping Plumber Contractor

Licensed Gas Fitting and Gas Piping Specialist

Do you need a gas fitting and gas piping specialist to perform repair work for you? If so, then you’re in the right place. For gas fittings, it’s imperative that you work with professionals in your area. At Blue Owl Plumbing, we are equipped with the necessary training to repair any gas line or appliance in a safe and effective manner.

What is Gas Fitting?

When you are building a home, the homeowner has to decide between electric or gas for their heating services. Many houses do not have natural gas or propane, and instead use oil or electric. When gas is the one chosen, installation of new gas lines is then needed.

A professional gas fitter will create gas lines for the property owners while following safety regulations and building codes to help the owners gain long-lasting gas lines.

Additionally, if a new appliance needs to be installed, like a stovetop, hot water heater, or a new boiler, our professional gas fitters know how to create connections between gas pipes without creating errors or safety hazards. It’s also important for homeowners to get regular inspections of their gas pipes so they can remain safe in their homes.

Why Hire a Professional Gas Fitter?

Almost all homes use gas in some way for heating, whether it be for cooking, taking hot showers, or simply heating the rooms you live in. As many people know, gas is highly flammable and if it starts leaking it, can cause problems. This is why you should always work with professionals when it comes to gas fitting. Our professionals can help keep your home safe! If you’re still not convinced, below are even more reasons why professional gas fitting is the way to go.

  • Gas fitters have the licenses and training needed to work with gas lines.

  • Gas fitters are trained to read and understand house and building plans so they can perform the necessary steps to ensure the gas appliances will fit into your home properly.

  • Gas fitters not only connect your home to gas lines, but they also ensure all of your equipment is safely linked up and working.

  • Gas fitters will do repair work to gas-line related equipment when an issue arises.

  • Gas fitters are in charge of troubleshooting and maintenance, should the need for that ever come up.

  • Gas fitters will put safety measures in place to help detect potential gas leaks before they get too bad.


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They were incredibly thorough and their work is top notch. I will certainly be using them again and be recommending the to friends. They cleaned up after themselves and after they left you would have never known we had a plumber in that day because they were so tidy.
Doing Gas Work to Local Code

Our professionals at Blue Owl Plumbing seek to make our customers' lives easier and safer. If a new appliance needs to be installed or a new forever home is being built, count on our team to be there for you and install your new gas lines.

No matter when we are needed, we will be there to not only educate you further about gas lines, but to also give you peace of mind knowing they are being installed correctly and safely. Contact us today if you are in need of a gas fitting for your home!

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