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Water Filtration and Purification Systems

Water Filtration and Repair Specialists

When you grab a glass of water from the tap in your home, does it taste funny? Are you looking to drink clean, purified water straight from your faucet? Unfiltered water has several chemicals that are harmful and unpleasant to drink. Luckily, Blue Owl Plumbing offers water filtration services that will filter these elements out to give you better tasting and better-smelling water, along with many other benefits.

Benefits of Water Filtration

In this day and age, many people opt for drinking the cleanest water possible as they want to feel better about what is going into their bodies. A device to filter your water is the number one way to achieve this sense of security. A water filter cleans out harmful bacteria and chemicals so the water you use/drink is healthier. The benefits that come with filtering your water are unmatched and include:

Cleaner water. Because the filter will remove harmful chemicals, healthier drinking water is a positive outcome. This water is safer for the body, tastes better, and smells better.

Removes soap stains on shirts. Unfiltered water has more elements to it, which means a higher chance of soap stains on your laundry. With water filtration, this likelihood decreases. In addition, this water can turn your clothes different colors. This is because chemicals like manganese are in the water, and if you try to use bleach with this water, the combination of the water and bleach will turn the shirt brown.

Being better for the environment. Water filtration will help you use fewer plastic bottles, as you will be getting water straight from the tap. You will be more likely to use reusable bottles, thus, helping the environment.

Skin conditions. Both dry skin and dry hair can be caused by unfiltered water.


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Blue Owl did an amazing job installing our kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as our shower fixtures. Joshua was very detail oriented, professional, and proficient. My husband and I loved how everything came out and we highly recommend them!

Signs You Should Repair Your Water Filtration System

It’s crucial to know what to look for when you have a water filtration system that is in need of repairs. Knowing the early signs of repair will help you know when to call a professional. It’s important to have a professional service to fix your system so that you can prevent any accidents and further damage that may cost you more money. Call a professional when you see one or more of these signs:

  • Low water pressure

  • Odd noises from faucets or drains

  • Water beginning to taste bad

  • Smelly water

  • Water that is not clear and may look tinted

It is also significant to note that some different chemicals and bacteria can't even be noticed without a test. This does not just go for well water. In fact, a lot of times town water can be poor as well.

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Whether you are looking to install a water filtration system or repair the one you have, look no further than Blue Owl Plumbing. Our licensed and trained professionals will help you through the entire installation process or solve your system’s problem at its root.

Whether it’s a new water filter or one that has been in your home for some time, we are committed to making sure your system is working properly and that you and your family are safe. Contact us today to schedule your filtration service today!

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