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Is Replacing Old Plumbing Pipes a Good Idea?

When is the right time to start looking for a quality plumber in plumbers Marlborough, Ma? Replacing your old pipes might be safer than repairing them. Damaged pipes are not only bad for your home; but also a health hazard. Particles get carried into your water due to mold and rust. This article will discuss the four signs you should replace your pipes.

old drain pipe looking to be replaced

4 Signs You Should Change Your Pipes

Brown or Yellow Water

Discolored water is never good, especially if you live in a metropolitan area. Exceptions are if you use well water, boil order, or live in a rural area. Dirty water is due to corrosion in your pipes; the watercolor is brown or yellow instead of clear.

This corrosion leaves rust as you use water daily. If you don't fix this soon, the mineral deposits will clog the pipes. In turn, it will build unnecessary pressure and cause a burst. Contact a professional plumber immediately if you suspect corrosion due to discolored water.

yellow brownish water in toilet tank

The Material of The Pipe

Modern piping systems use copper, brass, or polyvinyl chloride compared to back in the day when different materials got used for plumbing systems, including cast iron, galvanized steel, or lead. Regardless of what material gets utilized, there is always a lifespan attached to each material. Knowing the year your system got installed will save you a great deal and give you an idea of when to change the piping system.

Galvanized Steel piping lasts 24 to 50 years, cast iron 75 to 100 years, polyvinyl chloride indefinitely, brass 40 to 70+ years, and copper 50+ years. If you live in an old house, you may want to find out what kind of pipe material it has since this is rarely a problem in new construction.

Check Out Exposed Pipes

You may have exposed pipes somewhere in your house if your house is over 60 years old. There are usually pipes throughout the basement - so you can observe any discoloration, flaking, dimpling, bumping, or other abnormalities. Observe for signs of corrosion or leaky pipes, such as water pools or moisture buildup.

A plumbing overhaul service is not always needed, sometimes tightening your pipes will do the job. You should, however, upgrade your plumbing system if you have significant leaks.

You Struggle With Water Pressure

When you experience low water pressure during a shower or when using the sink, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact problem. Depending on the source of your leaks or pinholes, It may be due to clogged pipes or plumbing.

Additionally, leaky pipes can cause wood rot and mold to grow in the foundation and framing of your home. A moldy home negatively affects your air quality, which cannot get fixed without the help of an air purifier. If the problem persists, you may want to try an ordinary drain cleaner. A plumber or other trained professional will be necessary to resolve it.

Need a Pipe Replaced?

Do you think it's time for a pipe change? The first step is finding reputable and qualified plumbers in Marlborough, MA, to do the job efficiently. For further information or quote, contact Blue Owl Plumbing through our website and use the contact form.


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